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Looking for a Full Service Satellite Internet Services Provider That Will Give You the Straight Scoop on Satellite Technology?

Optistreams, Inc. is a satellite network operator and communications provider specializing in VSAT satellite solutions for federal, state and municipality government applications; businesses and schools.    We offer satellite VSAT-based self contained communications trailers, Satellite Internet access, private networks, VOIP, and mobile communications solutions. 

Certifications,Resources and Contract Vehicles:

  • GSA Schedule 70 (GS-35F-0200R)
  • California Small Business (P03110911)
  • State of California CMAS (3-05-70-2250A)
  • Woman-Owned
  • Encore II

We help Companies, Schools, and Municipality, State and Federal Government Agencies by:

  • Offering standard and customized communications solutions, designed around their operational needs, objectives and budgets.
  •  Offering a variety of satellite IP communications solutions including fixed and mobile/transportable solutions, including flyaway units and trailer mounted self-contained communications systems for easy transportability.
  • Having an experienced team in place that can help you identify your real needs based upon your goals.  We don’t sell what you don’t need.
  • Having a full range of solutions designed to fit your needs and budget.
  • Offering a variety of training and refresher courses, giving your personnel a comfort level with the operation of the technology and their skills.
  • Providing in-house, USA-based technical support, allowing for direct communication with us, not a third party or foreign country-based technician named Brett or Daisy.
  • Accessing our highly trained support, service and installation network technical team is nationwide, providing for efficient provisioning of service based on mission critical responses, localized customization and on-site support.
  • Being an experienced, cost -competitive business and government solutions provider that has built a unique market position focused on being flexible and easy to work with, yet serious about meeting the needs of our clients and their operational needs.

OptiStreams made Inc. Magazine’s "Inc. 500's Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in America" list in 2004.

We service clients world-wide, and have eight years experience in the satellite IP specialty market. Our corporate headquarters is strategically located in the Central Valley of California, one of the most stable and protected areas of the country as it relates to weather or disaster impact.  We currently have geographically dispersed communication facility networks to support our satellite programs, and numerous highly trained field partners to insure prompt and high quality installations.

We invite you to contact us and explore how our specialized team can personalize your communications requirements with your needs.  OptiStreams will continue to develop new products introduce new services that address client needs based on emerging technologies.  Our experience as an innovator, satellite specialist, mission critical communication connectivity, market leader, and responsive service provider gives us a distinct advantage in the ever-changing communications landscape.

Toll Free (866) 745-7356 · Phone (559) 440-6366 · Fax (415) 354-8487
email: info@optistreams.com   ·   website: www.optistreams.com

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