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Satellite Internet and a Variety of Other Communications and Support Services are Just a Phone Call Away to OptiStreams

Best of Breed Solutions for Customer Driven Applications and USA-Based Support Services Drives OptiStreams' Products and Services Offerings

OptiStreams has a long history of being responsive to customer needs by finding innovative solutions to business and government agency communications needs. Below are some of the products and services offered:

Satellite Internet Solutions: "Fixed" or stationary satellite VSAT solutions that allow for high speed satellite Internet services. Solutions vary depending on the need, budget and application. Learn more.

Wildblue Internet: As an Enterprise Wildblue provider, OptiStreams can get you access to virtually anywhere in the nation. Ideal for small businesses, back up Internet connections, schools and home offices, Wildblue Internet is sweeping the nation with its affordable, leading-edge technology. Learn more.

Aetheron: The OptiStreams AETHERON Series, powered by iDirect modem technology, delivers a superior satellite broadband solution that is both cost-effective and reliable. The AETHERON Series will meet or exceed even the most demanding requirements. Learn more.

Mobile Satellite Solutions: Mobile satellite Internet solutions are numerous and vary in functionality and price points. OptiStreams has a wide range of solutions from which to choose, including vehicle or trailer mounted, or even backpack or flyaway models. Learn more.

Communications Trailers: The ability to get in fast and be communications-ready is important for numerous business applications. OptiStreams can help you get a cost effective solution with its mobile communication centers. Learn more.

Email Services: OptiStreams provides business class email service for all of its service subscribers. Additional mailboxes are available for low monthly fees. Learn more.

Technical Support: OptiStreams offers USA-based technical support services with friendly, knowledgable technical professionals. Connection support is complimentary, and additonal network support programs are available. Learn more.

Software: OptiStreams can provide you or your organization with Microsoft software products. Learn more.

Network Support Services: Contact us to find out how we can assist you with Network Support.

Learn more about Applications with satellite, such as VPN, SCADA, and VOIP.

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