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Corporate network environments involve multiple networking technologies, protocols and transmission media, each with its own special requirements and idiosyncrasies. Satellite technology is no exception with its unique characteristics. As an experienced provider of satellite, wireless and terrestrial networking systems, OptiStreams possesses the expertise needed to deliver fully-integrated, seamless satellite networking solutions. Our network solutions team can deliver a range of services that include:
  • Integration of Aetheron/SkyEdge/iDirect/Enterprise Wildblue ™ Solutions into your technology infrastructure
  • Building additional VSAT functionality specific to your needs
  • Design and integration of multiple networking technologies - satellite/terrestrial/wireless
  • Voice/data/video network integration
  • Design and integration of multi-vendor technologies
  • LAN/WAN design
  • Application/network performance optimization
  • Capacity planning
  • Internet (caching, web acceleration, dns)
  • IP networks (corporate VPN's, extranets)
  • Satellite broadcast and multi-cast
  • Network and systems management
  • CONUS, OCONUS Deployment Teams
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