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Superior Performance

  • Highest TCP/IP throughputs in the industry (9.1 Mbps downstream – 4.2 Mbps Upstream)
  • TCP/IP is very sensitive to BER. TPC Encoding ensures 10-9 BER, providing fiber-like reliability
  • Technological superiority allows use of much smaller antenna sizes

TCP Performance Improvements

  • Mitigates the effects of latency over satellite
  • TCP Acceleration - reduces overall bandwidth requirement, while enhancing performance
  • 3-Way Handshake Acceleration – provides better HTTP performance
  • Local DNS Caching – more user satisfaction

Quality of Service

  • Traffic Prioritization based on multiple parameters (Source/Destination IP Address, Source/Destination Port Number, Protocol Type)
  • Class-Based Queuing – assign percentage of bandwidth to each class
  • Rate Limiting – allocate only bandwidth that is needed
  • Committed Information Rate – dedicate bandwidth as required (Static and Dynamic)
  • Easily support VOIP and VTC
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