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Satellite - Mobile/Transportable


When all else fails, OptiStreams' mobile satellite solutions can get you connected wherever you are.

Vehicle-Mounted, Case Portable, FlyAways, or Customized for Trailer Deployment --OptiStreams Can Deliver

Today, it is no secret that the need for portable or mobile communications is becoming more and more important. Cost-effective means of relaying information to and from remote teams or mobile units working in areas not yet covered by conventional cellular or terrestrial networks is essential for numerous business and government applications.

OptiStreams offers a number of mobile satellite communications options, with a variety of features, including:

  • Vehicle-mounted and transportable fly-away models
  • Auto-Aquiring feature with one touch deploy and stow
  • Extraordinary reliability
  • Robust, secure bandwidth links
  • Several models from which to choose for varied budgets


The products listed below are a sampling of some of our more popular mobile satellite solutions. Let us help you find the right solution for your needs and budget.

MAVERICK Series - Vehicle-Mounted VSAT

This vehicle mounted satellite system auto-acquires a fix on the targeted satellite via a motorized deployment system that raises and lowers the antenna with the flip of a switch.

Key Features
  • Auto-Aquire VSAT system for almost any vehicle
  • Simple push button acquire and stow
  • Voice, video, and data communications


Applications: short-term or semi-permanent projects, communications back-up to land-based services. OptiStreams (MECC) is the perfect solution for anyone needing a reliable, quick deployable, independent communications system. This fully self-contained system includes:

  • Quick deploy, easy to transport satellite and wireless connectivity communications
  • Bubble coverage out to 3, 5, up to 30 miles.
  • Auto-acquiring satellite system, with multiple antenna size options
  • 2,4, 8 up to 250 Watt radio options
  • Satellite IP WAN and wireless connectivity
  • VOIP capability
  • On-board generator, diesel or gas
  • 802.11 b/g WIFI, 4.9ghz, 5.4ghz
  • Telescoping mast antenna
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Training and maintenance and crew packages available
  • Contracts: GSA Schedule 70; CMAS, ENCORE II, CENTCOM II

Contact us for more information about MOSES

Model MMVS-1000 FlyAway VSAT

Quick to deploy and transportable via 2 airline checkable cases, the MAT-1000 features secure T1-class data rates for voice, data, or video communication. 

Key Features

    • Quick-deploy VSAT system
    • 2 light-weight airline checkable cases
    • 1 meter 4-piece light-weight carbon fiber reflector


Model MMT-2000 FlyAway VSAT

Quick to deploy and transportable via 2 airline checkable cases, the MMT-1000 features military-secure T1-class data rates for voice, data, or video communication.

Key Features

  • Quick-deploy Auto-Aquire VSAT system
  • 2 light-weight airline checkable cases
  • 1 meter 4-piece light-weight carbon fiber reflector


Auto Deploy VSAT

OptiStreams Auto Deploy VSAT's are a compact and flexible option that are easy to transport and easy to use. Optistreams Auto Deploy VSAT solutions number over 50+ configurations from .84 Micro's to 2.4M Global Reach Titans. Our MMVS's  function with all Infinity, NOVA, and MilSpec VSAT  modems, including OptiStreams M.O.S.E.S Instant Deploy UASI portable enterprise network node.

Our Auto Deploys are plug-and-play. It can be set up in 15 minutes or less and does not require specialized technical training or dedicated personnel to operate. Superior pointing technology ensures maximum accuracy with a smaller antenna profile. Our MMVS's are compact, rugged, light weight, Airplane checkable and designed specifically for emergency response, disaster recovery and COOP.


Auto Deploy Overview Download

Quick Deploy Terminals

OptiStreams Quick Deploy VSAT solutions deliver cost-effective, transportable broadband network access for temporary field locations, backup connectivity, emergency response teams and special events. OptiStreams MMV'S will function with any satellite modem and is small, rugged, lightweight and built to withstand the wear and tear of personnel on the move. The standard rack mount profile is pre-configured in hardened transit cases - enabling rapid setup, weather resistance and light weight. OptiStreams family of Quick Deploy VSAT solutions  span antennas from .74m to 2.4M.

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