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High Efficiency Bandwidth

FTDMA Access

OptiStreams' SkyEdge VSATs use a unique frequency-and-time division multiplexing scheme to use bandwidth more efficiently and protect against outages.

To maximize return-path bandwidth efficiency, Skyedge  features a patented frequency and time division multiplexing access (FTDMA) scheme that automatically balances inbound traffic across all channels by allowing individual remote sites to transmit on any channel at any time.

The result is superior response time, measurably improved performance, and more efficient use of inbound bandwidth. The unique FTDMA scheme requires no back-off in time for retransmissions and consistent utilization of the entire bandwidth by all remote sites. The access scheme provides superior network throughput stability and load balancing.

This unique technology — not available with competing systems — can also lower costs by reducing the amount of bandwidth needed for your network to function efficiently, as well as eliminate the potential for partial network outages that could occur with traditional VSAT networks if a single inbound channel were to go down. This also enables the VSAT network to handle momentary peak traffic loads without any significant degradation in response time.

Advanced Acceleration Technology

VPN Accelerator

Using external solutions  or built-in capabilities (with the SkyEdge platform), OptiStreams can provide accelerated VPN solutions to dramatically boost performance.

SkyEdge VPN accelerator technology provides companies with the technology necessary to deliver high levels of performance for VPN connections over VSAT networks. This accelerated VPN over VSAT solution is the first to enable IT managers to provide a unified security solution with ubiquitous availability for their LAN/WAN and remote users. Testing of the technology has shown a significant improvement in VPN throughput over VSAT links (initial tests show an increase of up to 1000% in throughput on hub-to-VSAT transmissions).

Most VSAT systems include some form of network “acceleration” technology to combat the inherent round-trip latency of communications between terrestrial and geosynchronous-orbit devices. The nature of IPSec, however, runs counter to most existing acceleration methods and renders them ineffective, and the resulting lack of acceleration has often resulted in poor performance of critical applications over VPN over VSAT. Because VPN encryption disguises source port/address information, it also eliminates Spacenet’s ability to provide rate control and data prioritization based on those criteria.

SkyEdge has developed proprietary new technology that enables integration of IPSec VPNs into VSAT networks with no significant loss of performance. Spacenet's VPN acceleration method is accomplished through a combination of hub and remote hardware/software solutions that create VPN tunnel start/end points where they are able to take advantage of Spacenet TCP Accelerator technologies. Spacenet’s patented TCP Accelerator utilizes advanced hardware/software solutions installed at the “client” (remote site with VSAT unit) and “hub” (interface between VSAT network and terrestrial networks/Internet) locations.

These solutions intelligently parse network traffic and manage TCP acknowledgement responses to ensure that packets do not have to make a round trip of the high-latency satellite link before following packets are sent (thereby “accelerating” the user’s connection).

SkyEdge VPN Accelerator solution is set up within a VPN-enabled network at points outside of the tunnel (at the server end before data is encrypted by the VPN and after it is decrypted on the client end). This enables it to make use of TCP Accelerator while not interfering with the VPN tunnel in any way. Additionally, the VPN Accelerator technology restores Spacenet’s VSAT rate control and prioritization services for customer-selected applications (network ports) and destination addresses. The Prysm VPN Acceleration solution uses SkyEdge-proprietary software (Embedded in SkyEdge Modem) at the customer’s remote site, combined with a custom VPN concentrator at the SkyEdge hub. This combination allows the VPN acceleration to act invisibly to the end user.

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