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Application Overview of Satellite Technology are Endless with OptiStreams' Products and Services Offerings

Satellite Internet Anywhere -- with Voice, Data and Wireless Solutions

Mobile Satellite Solutions: Mobile satellite Internet solutions are numerous and vary in functionality and price points. Whether a casual RV application or military-grade need, OptiStreams has a wide range of solutions from which to choose, including vehicle or trailer mounted, and even backpack or flyaway models.

Voice-Over-IP (VOIP): VOIP is one of the most popular applications with satellite technology, and the demand continues to grow. Emergency packages with satellite Internet and VOIP are increasingly in demand with first responders and OptiStreams can help you craft the solution that meets your needs and budget.

SCADA: SCADA systems using satellite are often implemented to monitor and manage equipment and data in industries such as oil and gas refining, energy, or seismology. A SCADA system gathers the information, such as where a leak is on a pipeline and transfers the information to a central site and alerts the home station of the problem.

VPN: Those organizations who want to leverage existing networks and capital investments while extending the reach of their corporate infrastructure to remote workers with a VPN connection, there is a solution with OptiStreams satellite VSAT services.

WIFI Hot Spots: Satellite Internet is an ideal solution for coffee shops, restaurants, trade shows, events or any other applications where wireless access is desired for permanent or long-term projects and terrestrial alternatives are not available.

Wireless or Terrestrial Integration: Satellite can be an economical compliment to wireless or terrestrial connectivity technologies to offload terrestrial bandwidth congestion, create wireless networks for small towns or areas, or whatever your imagination can dream up. The sky truly is the limit with satellite technology.

Private Networks: Through the use of our hub facilities, OptiStreams can collocate and construct "Private Satellite Networks™ (PSNs™)" for government and enterprise clients.

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