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Don't You Want Communications Technology You Can Count on No Matter Where You Are?

Get True, Professional Connection Speeds From OptiStreams

OptiStreams' Aetheron Plaform, Powered by iDirect Technology, Offers Unparalleled Performance

There's a reason why businesses and government agencies nationwide have chosen the technology offered in our Aetheron/iDirect service package - it works, it's reliable, and it's the only sound choice for a highly dependable link for your communications. Plus, when you buy from OptiStreams, you will get great value for the price - some of our customers are enjoying cost savings of up to 40% and more over our competitors and upwards of 100% more throughput capacity on a monthly basis! Call us NOW to make your iDirect solution really perform.

Links, Services and Support

OptiStreams offers numerous link possibilities, hardware choices and additional products and services that will assist you with your application goals, including: Mobile satellite VSAT solutions, Voice-Over-IP (VoIP), VPN, email and web hosting, technical support, static IP addresses, wireless integration options and more.  

Also, you'll deal with a straight shooting company that won't tell you what you want to hear to get the sale. We'll give you the real scoop on what satellite technology will and won't do (or will and won't do well). We know that each customer has to be happy with us long term, so we do as much as we can before the sale to set proper expectations. After the sale and installation, you'll want to know that our technical support team is right here in the USA and is known for its attentiveness, friendliness, and knowledge.


When it comes to value, we'll strive to get you the best return for your investment. Most satellite operators and providers will give you a monthly fee for service that is either:

  1. A flat fee that covers unlimited usage or
  2. A lower fee that comes with a certain amount of throughput.
Usage beyond that throughput is generally charged at a per MB amount. OptiStreams keeps its prices competitive and at a best value level to meet the budget needs of our customers. As it stands, we have given many of our customers significant savings over our competitor's rates.

For those looking for lower upfront costs, OptiStreams has recently added its Business VIP

Leasing program. Just call us for an application.


  • One-Box Solution (Satellite Modem, IP Router, TCP Optimization, QoS, Link Encryption)
  • Centralized Management (Software Upgrades, Configuration Changes) 
The OptiStreams AETHERON/iDirect Series delivers a superior satellite broadband solution that is both cost-effective and reliable. Built to military-grade specifications, the AETHERON Series will meet or exceed even the most demanding requirements.Used by first responders, military personnel and other critical communications specialists, Aetheron technology is unmatched in its performance and functionality. Also, OptiStreams'operates through the world's premier teleports, giving you the confidence you need for smooth operations.

Most Reliable Solution over Satellite

  • First to implement Turbo Product Code (TPC) Forward Error Correction
  • 10-9 or Better Bit-Error-Rate Guarantee
  • Uses 50% lower power (Eb/No) when compared to RSV
  • Auto Power Adjustment provides reliable connectivity even in bad weather conditions
  • The ultimate result is more TCP throughput

Superior Performance

  • Highest TCP/IP throughputs in the industry (9.1 Mbps downstream – 4.2 Mbps Upstream)
  • TCP/IP is very sensitive to BER. TPC Encoding ensures 10-9 BER, providing fiber like reliability
  • Technological Superiority Allows Use of Much Smaller Antenna Sizes

TCP Performance Improvements

  • Mitigates the effects of latency over satellite
  • TCP Acceleration - Reduces overall bandwidth requirement, while enhancing performance
  • 3-Way Handshake Acceleration – Provides better HTTP performance
  • Local DNS Caching – More User Satisfaction

Quality of Service

  • Traffic Prioritization based on multiple parameters (Source/Destination IP Address, Source/Destination Port Number, Protocol Type)
  • Class Based Queuing – Assign percentage of bandwidth to each class
  • Rate Limiting – Allocate only bandwidth that is needed
  • Committed Information Rate – Dedicate bandwidth as required (Static and Dynamic)
  • Easily Support VoIP and VTC


  • 3DES Link Encryption (Only Remotes that Need it, even in a shared network)


  • Increase Bandwidth as needed on the Fly
  • Upstream from 64 kbps to 4.2 Mbps (Antenna and Transmitter Size May Vary)
  • Downstream from 64 Kbps to 14.1 Mbps (Antenna and Transmitter Size May Vary)
  • Can easily add new remotes without increasing satellite capacity
  • Equipment will Work With C, Ku, or Ka Band Satellites


  • Point-to-Point IP (SCPC) Configuration
  • TDMA Configuration
  • StarTopology
  • Mesh Topology / Star-Mesh Topology
  • Mobile Application
  • Fly-Away Suitcase

 Hub Technology

  • Carrier Class
  • Scale as you grow
  • Support for Multiple Multi-Inroute Network Architectures
  • Support for Multiple RFTs

Network Design Flexibility

  • MF-TDMA allows for adding capacity to network without interrupting service
  • Implement Different Networks within the same chassis
  • Extensive Traffic Engineering Capability allows Better utilization and control
  • Linearly scalable Frame Lengths, design networks to applications
  • Can create networks that range from high-oversubscription, high latency to low-oversubscripton and low-latency.
  • Can support any TCP/IP application

Call us today and let us help you with a solution you can count on.

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