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Enterprise Solution - Cisco VOIP over VSAT









Only Cisco® Integrated & Certified VSAT Solution

The process of deploying a satellite enabled non-stop networking solution became much easier for corporate IT departments with the advent of the “VSAT Network Module” from network equipment manufacturing giant Cisco. The Cisco VSAT Module with OptiStreams services provides a unique solution for mission-critical disaster recovery/backup networking and other on demand applications, integrated directly with a customer’s existing Cisco router equipment. Leveraging the industry’s most advanced satellite technology, it delivers available-anywhere broadband capabilities that can be used for failover connectivity, digital content delivery, IP telephony, Internet/VPN access and more. Competitive solutions utilize multiple devices, increasing the complexity of the system and adding components that may fail. OptiStreams solution reduces complexity and eliminates the problem of multiple points of failure by using the Cisco router creating a tremendous leap in the ease of managing satellite and terrestrial links in a hybrid network

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