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8 Questions

If your service provider cannot answer these questions, get a new provider!

Emergency operations, first responders, federal & state agencies along with energy, oil and gas companies rely on the power of their networks for mission-critical communications and advanced data services. The security, reliability and network performance you need will depend on the service provider you choose.

While many providers claim to deliver "managed services," answers to the following eight questions will help you evaluate just how well they will manage your services.

1) Does the service provider track and monitor the entire network from end-to-end, and 24x7?

If not, how will they locate and resolve problems when they occur? Or resolve small, hidden problems before they become large, critical ones? SLAs (service level agreements) should cover the activity of all the routers, switches, paths and Points of Presence across multiple vendors and platforms.

2) Can the provider secure its own network traffic and manage priority traffic across other networks?

 If not, they may not be adequately be able to support your voice, data, video and other mission-critical applications.

3) What are the performance thresholds for network latency and availability?

If these don’t match your optimal performance requirements, your service may be inconsistent and unpredictable, resulting in frustration and lower productivity.

4) How is network performance measured and how will you know if it is meeting expectations?

Every second of uptime counts. It’s best if a provider gives you the ability to access actual network performance data on the web whenever you want.

5) Are there procedures for trouble escalation, load rebalancing, network security assessments, and regular data backups?

If not, what best practices are in place?

6) Can its data center support your requirements for physical and network security, capacity, availability, operations, and backbone connectivity?

This is most important in a hurricane or any other disaster that could severely affects your business.

7) How quickly will the provider respond as your needs grow or change?

Managed network services should give you flexibility. You need to be able to add new or expanded services wherever, whenever.

8) What are the terms if the network goes down or the level of agreed-upon service is not maintained?

SLAs typically enforce a business payment in the form of a credit if the service provider fails to deliver on the level of service you agreed to when you signed your contract.

For communications and network services, we have the answers

By selecting OptiStreams, you can rely on a commitment to the highest level of network performance. OptiStreams delivers the performance, operational excellence, and 24x7 service and support you need, and expect.

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