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Enterprise Wildblue

Tired of Waiting on Dial Up Connectivity or Dealing with Satellite Providers that Don't Live up to their Promises?

After a very (very) very long time. Our VSAT guru's and our IT Geeks have pulled a Harry Potter out of their Wizard hats. Satellite Broadband and your new Smart Phone have gotten together here at Optistreams. All New Enterprise Wildblue customers who join our Pre-Launch "Charter" Member group will recieve a Business Building Bonus package value from $2232.00 to over $7500.00 in Enterprise E-Mail, Web site Hosting, FTP, Smart Phone Sync, Active Sync, Site Builders, Blogs, Content Management, and more. Optistreams customers can now save up to $49.95 per mail box in market rates to integrate there new Smart Phones e-mail on their own domains over their own Enterprise Wildblue or Aetheron VSAT System.


  • State of the art, KA Band technology
  • Lightning fast speeds -- really
  • Enterprise level, US-based technical support from OptiStreams
  • Reliability that you can count on; low need for technical support
  • Multiple service plans available

Committed to offering best of breed technology to its clients nationwide, OptiStreams is pleased to offer the latest satellite technology targeted to the business and enterprise market, Enterprise WildBlue.

Enterprise WildBlue offers numerous advantages, and is most recognized for its affordability, speed and reliability. With an independent customer satisfaction rating of 94%, WildBlue technology offers the following:

Next Generation Technology for the Business Customer
WildBlue is the first to offer a commercial service using the Ka-band spot beam satellite technology that dramatically lowered the cost of satellite provided high-speed Internet. WildBlue utilizes terrestrial cable modem technology that dramatically lowered customer equipment and installation costs, making it more affordable for the masses.

The Best Price to Performance Ratio in the Satellite Industry
Enterprise WildBlue offers Internet service at download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 256 Kbps at a price-to-performance ratio significantly better than currently available from other service providers in the Enterprise Market.

Low Upfront Investment in Equipment
Enterprise WildBlue offers the lowest cost of equipment. The system leverages the cable modem networking standard called DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification). Coupled with advanced satellite waveforms, WildBlue has developed a platform that lowers the cost of consumer terminals, reduces satellite bandwidth requirements, enables easy provision for customers, and provides mature customer service, billing and network control software to network providers.

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Optistreams Voice over VSAT  

Optistreams carrier-class VO-VSAT Phone service enables customers to make clear digital telephone calls, in addition to receiving business class Internet access, and real-time video over the same high-performance satellite link. Unlike traditional VoIP based services that leverage the open public Internet to provide inexpensive long distance calls, Optistreams VO-VSAT IP Phone, is a carrier class service that is directly connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and provides toll quality calls and satellite phone lines that are FCC 911 compliant. Voice and data channels are completely separated, actually operating on different frequency channels, to ensure a high Quality of Service for mission critical applications like emergency response, oilfield operations, or business continuity. In addition, VO-VSAT Phone supports analog plain paper fax services as well as a variety of IP-based devices.

The service is available as an option with Optistreams  Aetheron/IDirect Series  VoIP solutions provide:
  • Affordable solutions that combine both voice and data on one system
  • High quality voice service
  • 4-digit dialing around the world
  • Voice enhanced websites
  • Multiple plans and configurations
  • Flexible, combined billing services
  • Configurations for any number of employees
  • Personal phone numbers and phone settings, including voicemail and conference calling
  • Reduced cost for reconfiguring systems in the event of moves or relocation
  • Mobile/Transportable packages with satellite Internet
General Information About VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Sometimes referred to as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony, Broadband Telephony, Broadband Phone or Voice Over Broadband, VOIP can be deployed on any IP network. More and more users are researching VOIP capability when purchasing a connection to the Internet or simply expanding their private intranet. VOIP can provide a cost-effective solution for companies that have locations in many disparate regions.

VOIP over satellite has become increasingly more popular for satellite users, and it is important to note several elements that must be considered when engineering a satellite network capable of handling VOIP:

  • Latency: Regardless of the satellite product, an approximate 280 msec of one-way propagation delay due to the location of the GeoStationary orbit and the speed of light, must be overcome.
  • Jitter: Packets transmitted at equal intervals from the transmitting gateway arrives at the receivieng gateway at irregular intervals. Excessive jitter has the effect of making speech choppy and difficult to understand. Packet "buffers" that hold incoming packets for a specified amount of time are used to counteract the effects of network fluctuations to create a smooth packet flow at the receiving end.
  • Packet Loss: Successful VOIP traffic must have very low Bit Error Rates (BER) to ensure low or no packet corruption or loss.
  • Compression Technologies: Understanding encoding schemes that have been standardized for voice is important for understanding true bandwidth requirements.
  • QoS and Traffic Prioritization: Packet switched networks are subject to congestion and congested networks can be very problematic for VOIP calls due to delayed, dropped or out-of-sequence packets. In order to guarantee delivery of VOIP traffic through congested links, it is vital to have QoS and prioritization.
  • Required Bandwidth per VOIP Call: To properly design a network, it is important to know the amount of bandwidth required per VOIP call, the number of concurrent calls, andthe duration of the call. The amount of bandwidth required per VOIP call would depend on the encoding standard used, header compression and payload size.

OptiStreams offers solutions that allow for simultaneous support of data, voice and video traffic. Unparalleled features and functionality ensure high-quality VOIP, even through congested networks.

Call us and find out how we can help you choose a solution that works best for your needs.


Aetheron Satellite Internet

Aetheron Features Overview

  • One-Box Solution (Satellite Modem, IP Router, TCP Optimization, QoS, Link Encryption)
  • Centralized Management (Software Upgrades, Configuration Changes)
  • The OptiStreams AETHERON/iDirect Series delivers a superior satellite broadband solution that is both cost-effective and reliable. Built to military-grade specifications, the AETHERON Series will meet or exceed even the most demanding requirements.
  • Used by first responders, military personnel and other critical communications specialists.
  • Aetheron technology is unmatched in its performance and functionality. Also, OptiStreams' operates through the world's premier teleports, giving you the confidence you need for smooth operations . 

Need Microsoft Software for Your Enterprise, Small Business or Agency?

OptiStreams is pleased to announce that it now offers not only satellite Internet solutions, but also Microsoft products and support services. OptiStreams will assist you in assessing your needs for the best solution according to your needs and budget and then helping you find the best value for the solution you seek.

For the Microsoft software solutions you seek, contact us.


Microsoft Small Business Server R2

Microsoft Desktop Software

Microsoft Exchange Server 2008

Learn more about the latest release of the award-winning Small Business Server (SBS) product, designed to enhance security, improve reliability and performance, and increase productivity

Office Standard Edition 2007, our latest basic personal and business productivity solution, gives you familiar, easy-to-use document authoring, analysis, presentation, and communication applications that help you work smarter and faster.

Learn more about Exchange Server 2008, the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server designed to help you communicate more effectively, including mobile, remote, and desktop email access, with state-of-the-art security and privacy.
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