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OptiStreams Offers its Customers Only the Best Technologies for its Product and Services Offerings

Best of Breed Solutions Drive Technology Choices

OptiStreams offers full service solutions to its customer base in order to make it easier for the customer during the purchasing, implementation and support processes. Our success depends upon the partners and technologies we choose, and as such, our choices are critical to the success of everyone involved. The most critical piece of the solution is the technology.

With over 12 years in the satellite technology and support arena, OptiStreams has identified the best of the best technology based upon the features and benefits as well as the price to value relationship based upon our customer profiles and target markets.

This section explains more about how our technology works related to our key services.

  • Aetheron (SkyEdge)
  • Aetheron Plus (iDirect)
  • Enterprise Wildblue

Aetheron, Aetheron Plus

Optistreams provides communications via satellite so that Internet and other data connections may be obtained without telephone lines. Optistreams has hundreds of Aetheron service plans, rates and links, starting as low as 32Kb to multiple MB uploads. Both dedicated and shared links are available generally through a KU band link.

Satellite networks send and receive data via high-frequency radio waves that bounce off a satellite in orbit, thereby providing a continent-wide, wireless last-mile solution. In general, VSAT (very small aperture terminal) networks are designed in a hub-and-spoke fashion, with customer locations connecting via satellite to a central “hub” facility. The equipment at a customer site is a VSAT receiver/router (similar to a DSL or cable modem), which is attached to a small dish mounted on top of or outside the building. At the central hub facility, a large dish and sophisticated hub RF components receive and transmit to the remote sites and route information to and from the Internet or private networks via leased line links.

Example: Aetheron


VSAT networks can be used for Internet access, or they can be connected from the hub facility directly to a corporate data center or application provider such as a credit card authorization provider. VSAT networks may have anywhere from one to tens of thousands of remote VSATs communicating with a single hub.

Enterprise WildBlue

The Enterprise WildBlue system uses a slightly different technology with its "spot beam", KA band technology.


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