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Network Architecture of Our Satellite Offerings

OptiStreams' Aetheron and Enterprise Wildblue Information

Aetheron Platform

The OptiStreams Aetheron / iDirect platform is a satellite based IP network that is configured in a star topology. The star topology consists of one Hub and several remotes. The remotes pass traffic to the Hub on a shared inroute carrier using Deterministic-TDMA (D-TDMA). On the outroute or downstream, all traffic is broadcast on a TDM carrier. The OptiStreams Aetheron network is ideal for networks with traffic patterns that follow a hub-to-spoke model and are bursty in nature. The system was designed and developed to be optimized for TCP/IP protocol and traffic. The highly efficient D-TDMA achieves efficiencies that are close to 95% of the configured bandwidth.

The network has features and controls that allow the system to be configured to provide QoS and other traffic engineered solutions to the users. It provides TCP and Web acceleration in BOTH directions. The highly advanced OptiStreams Aetheron / iDirect technology is capable of providing line-rate TCP throughputs, even to one TCP session in the network. Other features of the network include an optional 3-DES link encryption that encrypts everything from the remote, local DNS cache on the remote, IP routing using RIP, and static routes.

The highly scalable and flexible broadband hub has the capability to support multiple outbounds and multiple inbounds within one hub chassis, that can also support connectivity to 5 different satellites. This architecture provides a significant cost savings to the network operator, as one can support multiple footprints without incurring the cost for additional hubs.

OptiStreams' Aetheron platform is highly available and reliable, even with generally smaller antennas (when compared to competitive solutions). The system has built-in automatic uplink power control that ensures connectivity even through some severe weather conditions.

The OptiStreams VSAT satellite architecture provides the capability to support diverse applications and services such as public internet service, private intranets, closed-user groups, mobile solution, temporary and transportable solutions, voice and video services, broadcast and multicast solutions, virtual private networks, surveillance networks, and many more.

Enterprise WildBlue

WildBlue has designed a state-of-the-art Ka-band communications system aboard Telesat’s Anik F2 satellite that covers the contiguous U.S. with 31 spot beams. Built by Boeing and launched by Arianespace, the Anik F2 satellite is one of the largest commercial satellites ever manufactured, and is in a geostationary orbit 22,500 miles above the equator at 111.1° West Longitude. WildBlue chose the 20/30 GHz Ka-band frequencies and a spot-beam architecture as the most efficient and effective technology platform to offer broadband via satellite. WildBlue’s advanced technology and low cost structure allows us to offer consumers and small office customers higher speeds and lower prices than other satellite broadband companies.

WildBlue’s satellite technology allows us to modify various parameters of the earth-to-space signals on an individual user basis so as to adapt in real time to each user’s situation, which may change due to weather and other factors.

WildBlue has 5 gateways located throughout the U.S. and Canada that efficiently connect WildBlue’s satellite access network with the Internet. Each gateway consists of microwave, Internet, and other broadband equipment that quickly and efficiently route traffic from the customer’s PC to the Internet and back. WildBlue connects the gateways to the Internet via a state-of-the-art fiber backbone.


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